11 March 2007

Why I Never Hire Brilliant Men

Acesta este titlul unui articol pe care va recomand sa il cititi. Il gasiti aici.

Printre altele se spune ca "brilliant men" pot ei sa fie great indeed, dar:"They start well but never finish, they get excited over revolutionary developments but grow weary at repetitive small tasks"

Articolul e plin de experiente de viata interesante , de citate amuzante sau de exemple ce te pun pe gandit.Un exemplu:

SIR ISSAC NEWTON sat one night at dinner beside a very attractive and voluble young lady.

"My dear Sir Isaac," she exclaimed, "how did you ever happen to discover the law of graviation?"

"By constantly thinking about it, madam," her "dear Sir Isaac" muttered.

E o perspectiva interesanta in articolul asta ce poate fi rezumat in esenta:"Business and life are built upon successful mediocrity; and victory comes to companies, not through the employment of brilliant men, but through knowing how to get the most out of ordinary folks."

Why I Never Hire Brilliant Men -articolul in intregime

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