31 July 2011

Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?

Bette Davis si Joan Crawford se urau si in viata si se urasc si in film. Si cand ura de acasa se suprapune peste ura din film iese o ura perfecta, enervanta, capabila sa te faca sa urasti si tu.
Si pentru felul in care filmul asta reuseste sa te faca pe tine sa urasti, merita vazut: Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?

Aurora sau despre durata adevarata a firescului

Nu cred ca am apucat sa zic aici ca mie mi-a placut tare mult Aurora a lu' Cristi Puiu. Mi se pare foarte greu si foarte frumos cand ii iese unui regizor sa iti zica atata de multe lucruri fara sa faca mai nimic, mai precis fara sa puna personajele sa faca lucruri, ci mai degraba storcandu-le de puteri pentru a arata lucruri, simtiri, ganduri.

Imi place non-actiunea in filme. Ca asa e si in viata parca de multe ori se lungesc lucruri si in general, cand se intampla cate ceva dureaza pana se intampla. Imi place de Cristi Puiu pentru ca nu pacaleste cu nimic, nu creaza tensiune din prostii...tot ce face este sa surprinda in mod extraordinar durata lucrurilor, a deciziilor, a vietii si apoi sa impacheteze totul si sa te lase cu un inteles mai clar a conceptului de durata; ceea ce e mare lucru.

Kitchen Stories

Stiti ca unii oameni de la unele companii au ocazia sa participe la niste research-uri mult mai misto si mai inspirationalme decat traditionalele focus group-uri. Acestea sunt un fel de observatii in amanuntime petrecute acasa la consumatori. Si oamenii aia privilegiati (care de obicei se ocupa de marketing sau comunicare pe la anumite companii si deci, au in grija anumite marci) au ocazia sa vada exact ce face consumatorul zi de zi. Astfel, inteleg ai bine consumatorul si pun si un pas in plus in realitate, ceea ce nu poate decat sa le fie util apoi in munca lor de a convinge acelasi consumator cu -de cele mai multe ori- acelasi produs (poate slightly new and improved).

In fine, Kitchen Stories este un film suedez care este despre observatori in bucatarie si despre mult mai mult decat atat.

10 July 2011

News Of The World- ultima primă pagină

Un articol interesant despre situatia News of the world si despre cum a ajuns un tabloid cu o istorie de peste 165 de ani sa fie obligat sa scoata ultimul numar, in TIME

Mamaia Copiilor 2011

TVR 1 transmite in direct Mamaia Copiilor care da, mai exista. Cred insa ca una dintre principalele schimbari fata de anii de mai demult e ca la Mamaia Copiilor copiii-fete arata ca niste doamne la nunta si copiii-baieti arata ridicol si spera sa ajunga Stefan Banica jr.

Un regizor si o piesa au nevoie de sustinere concreta

06 July 2011

How to win a media picth

Great, great case: here.

The WWF Format: the product is the message

Case study: cannes lions

The WWF Organisation is one of the most important environmental organizations in the world. For 50 years the WWF has pursued one goal: to rescue the rainforests. With this Partner we wanted to raise this important issue . That’s why we invented the world’s first green file format: The .wwf. A file format that simply cannot be printed out. We wanted to put an end to the unnecessary printing and start raising global awareness of the destruction it causes. The product is the message.

Spanair-Unexpected Luggage- shortlisted in Cannes Lions 2011

Cateva idei misto de la Cannes 2011| Underheard in New York

Our agency was challenged by the New York City Rescue Mission to raise awareness of the worldwide homelessness problem. We developed Underheard in New York with the objectives of first helping members of the marginalized homeless population speak for themselves and then, inspiring the world to listen.

We identified four homeless men and set them up with Twitter accounts and prepaid phones with unlimited text messaging service. We asked them to tweet about their life experiences by sending text messages to Twitter, broadcasting their stories to the world.

Case: cannes lions

Cateva idei misto de la Cannes 2011| Fake it all

In carrying out an anti-counterfeit campaign, we wanted our message to be felt: "The closest things to you can be fake". So we unconventionally used different forms of media, adapting our communication for each one. A lot of negotiating was involved in order to secure the different media channels. But with the resulting level of awareness, counterfeit can no longer go unnoticed.

Case study for the Lebanon campaign anti-fake brands: cannes lions

Cateva idei misto de la Cannes 2011| AIDS Task Force

We decided that the best way to legitimize the HIV tests issue is to create a large and meaningful PR event in collaboration with leading public opinion leaders – top Radio anchors.

Awarded for the best use of broadcast. Case, movie, board: here.

Cateva idei misto de la Cannes 2011| Watson IBM

80% of all the world’s new data is stored in human language: e-mail, blogs, medical records, etc. But computers understand 1s and 0s, not words. To help make sense of it all, IBM built a computer – Watson - that can understand human language. As an ultimate test of its ability, Watson would compete on the quiz show Jeopardy!, whose difficult clues filled with puns, jokes and wordplay made it the perfect challenge. The task for the agency was to help people understand why IBM built a computer to compete on Jeopardy. However, this challenge also presented an opportunity...to make IBM relevant to a broad audience and reinforce their leadership in research and development.
Case & movie: IBM Watson.

Cateva idei misto de la Cannes 2011| Salute Trainer

The Japan Maritime Self-Defense Forces is an organization which sustains peace in Japan. Due to this fateful mission, hard inner discipline is expected of Self-Defense Forces officers. However, attitudes among the young have drastically changed and many no longer aspire to this profession. Our challenge was to refocus young people’s attention on the Self Defense Forces, and increase the number of applicants. As a solution, we created a mobile training application; 'Salute Trainer.' 'Salute Trainer' allows people to practice a "Salute" of Self-Defense Forces officers.

Case study for Salute Trainer: here.

Cateva idei misto de la Cannes 2011| 2 Minute Silence

The Royal British Legion needed to do more to be seen as modern and relevant by younger audiences of potential supporters. Our brief was to create a campaign which gave the charity permission to engage the "digital generation" with its goals and objectives. Each year, The Legion coordinates a national two-minute silence on Remembrance Sunday to commemorate fallen British soldiers. Our campaign sought to make this most potent of symbolic assets relevant to its new target audiences. How? By creating "2 Minute Silence" - a completely SILENT single and accompanying "music" video featuring 20+ youth-oriented celebrities, and releasing it into the UK charts for Remembrance Sunday. 23,000+ singles were sold and chart history was made when the single entered the Top 20 on Remembrance Sunday.

Case study, movie, board: cannes lions.

05 July 2011

Cateva idei misto de la Cannes 2011| ShaveSutra by Gillette

The Problem: Men find shaving a boring chore.
The Challenge: Get Indian men to shave everyday, including weekends.
The Insight: According to Nielsen research, 72% of women found the act of shaving their men sexy.
The Solution: What if we got women to shave their men in fun and exotic positions! So we created ShaveSutra – shaving positions inspired by the ancient text of the Kamasutra.

Case study, movie & more: here.

Cateva idei misto de la Cannes 2011| Vac From The Sea

By collecting plastic trash from oceans and creating vacuum cleaners from it, Electrolux engaged over 175 million people in the plastic issue, and increased sales distribution by 300%. Challenge: Everybody knows that a vacuum cleaner keeps your home clean. But can vacuum cleaners also keep the world clean?

Electrolux campaign by Prime: AICI

Cateva idei misto de la Cannes 2011| Great social marketing campaign

Describe the brief from the client:
Our goal was to help rebuild the destroyed homes, broken towns and smashes cities. Our goal was also to raise the spirits of 4.5 million Queenslanders. To do this we had to rally the support of the entire nation.

The Strategy:
Queenslanders are known for their fighting spirit. They have always been proud of the fact that when they get knocked down they get back up again. Our strategy was to commemorate this resilient and defiant spirit. To remind Queenslanders that it is this spirit that makes them proud to be Queenslanders, and this is what gives them hope.

THE CASE STUDY & MOVIE: cannes lions

Cateva idei misto de la Cannes 2011| University for Taxi drivers in Colombia

Universitatea Taximetristilor or how to be a better taxi driver by Chevrolet- gold la PR.

The Strategy:
By giving its target an opportunity they had not been given before, this activity was relevant to the brand and the 7:24 Chevrolet Taxi, because it managed to establish a strong emotional bond with them. In addition, it created a space to interact and learn about their dreams, expectations and ambitions. It created a place where taxi drivers are always willing to listen to the brand, its 7:24 taxi, and all of the other brand’s products.

Case, filmulet (cat o mai fi): canneslions