09 September 2007

September 10th

Americanii au introdus in dictionarul urban expresia:"It's so...September 10th" pentru chestii demodate, vechi, care nu mai corespun vremurilor de azi.

Hai sa vedem cum arata aceasta expresie intr-o fraza si sa dam doua exemple de pe aici.

Look at those clothes! Bellbottoms? They are *so* September 10th!

People have become complacent and have reverted back to a September 10th mentality.


Out of fashion, not "up-to-date," a reflection of time past. Started by High School students in late 2001, early 2002."


Mazilique said...

ce cinic. place :)

roxxxybel said...

They are nuts. or better: they are so september 10th! Grow up!

Monica Jitariuc said...

da..cinic, de acoord...
dar na...asa merge treaba asta cu limbajul...in toate sensurile