09 March 2009

The Fisher King

Din ciclul "cei ce n-au vazut sa vada, cei ce au vazut, sa revada" va aduc azi in atentie The Fisher King a lui Terry Gilliam. Cred ca e printre putinele filme unde Robin Williams chiar imi place.

Un fel de citat din multele remarcabile din scenariu: Jack Lucas: [drunk and talking to the Pinocchio doll] You ever read any Nietzsche? Nietzsche says there's two kinds of people in the world: people who are destined for greatness like Walt Disney... and Hitler. Then there's the rest of us, he called us "the bungled and the botched." We get teased. We sometimes get close to greatness, but we never get there. We're the expendable masses. We get pushed in front of trains, take poison aspirin... get gunned down in Dairy Queens.

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netstalker said...

si Brazil... si altele de Giliam :D