20 June 2007

Curentul la romani

Stiti si voi ca asta cu ma trage curentul e doar la noi la romani. Un prieten bun m-a avertizat ca acuma ne-au dat la ziar:

"In Romania, the greatest threat to life today is not poverty, climate change or al-Qa'eda. It's moving air. Fans, air conditioning and open windows are not - as I had thought - useful mechanisms to generate a nice breeze, or give a little respite as summer temperatures climb to around 40 degrees. They are weapons of mass destruction."

"It turned out that "cur-rent", or the draught that circulates when two windows are open, is blamed in Romania for almost every ill one can think of. Toothache, headache, cold, flu, meningitis, paralysis, even death - all are apparently the result of moving air. This was solemnly confirmed to me by Vasile's mum, who has just retired from a 30-year career as a nurse."

De aici: Telegraph si continuarea AICI


roxxxybel said...

cat imi palce asta. !!!!

Monica J said...

ma bucur!
inchide geamu ca te trage curentu

scurt said...

de cand asteptam confirmarea asta!
mersi monico!

Monica J said...

cu mare placere!