06 July 2011

Cateva idei misto de la Cannes 2011| 2 Minute Silence

The Royal British Legion needed to do more to be seen as modern and relevant by younger audiences of potential supporters. Our brief was to create a campaign which gave the charity permission to engage the "digital generation" with its goals and objectives. Each year, The Legion coordinates a national two-minute silence on Remembrance Sunday to commemorate fallen British soldiers. Our campaign sought to make this most potent of symbolic assets relevant to its new target audiences. How? By creating "2 Minute Silence" - a completely SILENT single and accompanying "music" video featuring 20+ youth-oriented celebrities, and releasing it into the UK charts for Remembrance Sunday. 23,000+ singles were sold and chart history was made when the single entered the Top 20 on Remembrance Sunday.

Case study, movie, board: cannes lions.

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Ake said...

John Lennon, 1968 !!!

Two Minutes Silence" sometimes compared to composer John Cage's 4'33" in that, like Cage's avant garde composition, it is completely silent, the track was intended as a memoriam for the baby, "and for all violence and death."